Meet Annette Waagemans

Born in the Netherlands and trained as a financial controller, Annette Waagemans started her ministry journey in Bolivia in 2004. After struggling with severe altitude sickness, she returned to the Netherlands and set her sights on South Africa.

Annette joined the Hope Prison Ministry Boland Office (then Andrew Murray Prison Ministry) in January, 2013. She serves as Office Manager, compiling monthly reports for ten different correctional centres, and handles logistics for Restorative Justice courses.  She also serves as a teacher and small-group facilitator for Restorative Justice and weekly Bible study courses.

One of Annette’s new projects in 2015 is developing a set of handouts to supplement the Restorative Justice curriculum so that students can review the material after the course is completed. She hopes to have the handouts available in Afrikaans and Xhosa by the end of this year. Already our team has received feedback that students are using the handouts to share what they learn in class with fellow prisoners in their cells.

Annette has sacrificed family, house and career to volunteer overseas, but she ministers with hope out of her personal struggle. “God uses our difficult situations to make us stronger and see our fellow man with compassion and mercy,” she says. “Seeing through the eyes of Jesus, with love and without judgement. I can point to people the value they have and point them in the right direction.”

Thank you, Annette, for your fierce love and dedication to our team and those we serve!

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