Emergency Family Services

NOTE: This is not a 24-hour hotline, so if you are in immediate danger you must contact the police.

There are three services that Hope Prison Ministry provides for families that are in crisis:

Help find my relative in prison

Sometimes families know that their loved one is in prison, but do not know where. It can be a time-intensive and difficult process to interact with the criminal justice system, and we can help. Our teams can investigate whether your loved one is behind bars and help you make contact with them.

Arrange a counselor for my family

Crime destroys relationships. If your family is dealing with the trauma of crime, you deserve support. We will make every effort to provide a counselor from our team or make a referral.

Reach out to an ex-prisoner who is in crisis

Many families struggle to support their loved one who has just returned from prison. We have a network of counselors and support groups available to you.

Please contact us at any time. It will be our privilege to hear from you